With Analytics, you can deep dive into your data and obtain insights, specific to your business. Analytics is a platform built for everyone - you decide which metrics you want to track, how you want to see them and you can do it without having to write even a single line of code. In Analytics, you are not limited to what the PM knows best - you will be able to build reports, showing you your performance against your business goals, that work for you. You can also share these reports with your team and other decision-makers by scheduling reports to be sent to inboxes, directly. 

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Creating reports

With Analytics, you can access two kinds of reports:

  • Curated reports aka out-of-the-box reports that have been configured by in-house experts to give you a bird's eye view of your account. Whether it's ticket volume trends in Freshdesk or agent ticket summary in Freshservice, these reports have been preconfigured to give you a quick overview of the state of your account.

Note: We have added the ability to save filters for curated reports so customers don't have to set up runtime filters every time they open a curated report. 

  • Custom reports aka reports that you can configure to show you the key performance indicators you want to track. Customize and build your reports in the way you want them, with minimal effort. You have the flexibility to pick the metric(s) you want to study, the adaptability to select the right filters you want to apply, and the capability to employ the perfect dimensions to analyze your data.

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Scheduling and sharing your reports

You can set up a schedule to regularly send yourself or your teammates a report that you've created. You can also schedule data exports that you can either download through the app or access through a link (in case, you're using a data intelligence platform to examine your data).

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If you've got any questions about Analytics, please feel free to write to support@freshworks.com with your queries. We're always happy to help!

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