1. What is an Organization and how does it work?

In order to give you centralised control over all your accounts and users, we are launching 'Organization'. As part of this feature, you will be given a unique Organization URL which all the users in your Organization can use to login and access all accounts they are part of. By default, the user who creates the Organization becomes the Org Admin of that Organization. 

  • Org Admins can control security settings, user management, and billing from the Org Dashboard. 

  • Org Admins can navigate to the Org Dashboard either by navigating to the org url <https://yourorg.freshworks.com> or by clicking on Manage Org link in the Freshworks Switcher. 

  • Org Admins can configure security settings like password policy or Custom SSO etc and this will be applicable for all the users logging into the Organization. Click here for more details on how to configure different security settings.

2. How is an Organization created and how are accounts and users linked to the Organization?

Whenever you sign up for a new account from any of our product websites, we automatically create a new Organization and generate a unique org url based on the data you give at the time of sign-up. All subsequent signups from Freshworks Switcher of that account will be automatically linked to the same Organization. 

Agents who are part of all the accounts in an Organization automatically become a part of that Organization and can be managed from the Org Dashboard. In the coming weeks, we will soon release centralised user management using which an Org Admin can assign users to different accounts in that Organization from the Org Dashboard, directly.

3. My accounts are created in different Organizations. How can I make them part of the same Organization?

In the home page of the Org Dashboard, you will find a link to import accounts from another Organization. Once you click on the link, a modal popup will appear with all the instructions on how to import accounts that are part of another Organization. Please follow the instructions carefully as this cannot be undone later.

4. I don’t like the auto assigned Org URL. How do I change my org URL?

In the Org Dashboard, navigate to Org Profile section and click on Change Org Domain link. Once you click on the link, a modal popup will appear with instructions on how to change your org domain. Please follow the instructions carefully, this cannot be undone later. Also, note that if you have configured Custom SSO, you will have to modify the security configuration done at your IdP to reflect the new org url. 

5. Is there any change to my existing product accounts like my freshdesk or freshsales account?

There is no change to any of your existing product accounts. You can continue to use your freshdesk account or freshsales account in the same manner that you have been using until now. 

6. I am not able to see my accounts in the Freshworks switcher. Why?

You will only be able to see the accounts that are part of the same Organization in the Freshworks switcher. If you think your accounts are incorrectly configured in different Organizations, please have them imported into one Organization so that they can be managed from one Org Dashboard.

7. If my accounts are in different Organizations, do I have to login separately for each Organization?

Yes. As each Organization has a unique org url, if you want to login to different Organizations, you will have to login separately for each Organization in a separate tab. Also, logging out of one Organization doesn’t log out of the other Organization as each Organization works independently of each other.

8. When will this feature be enabled for my accounts?

We are rolling out this feature in weekly batches. If you would like to have early access, please contact support@freshworks.com.

9. What is the impact when this feature is enabled?

There is no impact whatsoever on the agents during or after the feature is enabled. Your agents can continue to access the product with the same password, but for subsequent logins, they will be redirected to your unique org url.

Also, there will be no impact on your existing Freshworks accounts and you can continue to work on them as-is.