1. What is an Organization and how does it work?

In order to give you centralised control over all your accounts and agents, we are launching a new feature called 'Organization'. As part of this feature, you will be auto assigned a unique Organization URL (that looks like yourcompany.freshworks.com) that acts as the central entry point for all your users to login.

At the time of creating the organization, the user who signed up for the product is also marked as the Org Admin. 

  • Org Admins can control security settings, user management, and billing from the Org Dashboard. 

  • Org Admins can navigate to the Org Dashboard either by navigating to the org url <https://yourorg.freshworks.com> or by clicking on Manage link in the Freshworks Switcher. 

  • Org Admins can configure security settings like password policy or Custom SSO etc and this will be applicable for all the users logging into the Organization. Click here for more details on how to configure different security settings.

2. How is an Organization created?
Whenever you sign up for any of our Freshworks suite of products, we automatically create a new Organization and generate a unique organization URL for you. Don't worry, you can always change it later according to your own needs by changing to the Org Profile section.

You can access all the products you have signed up for via this Organization URL and also, you will be able to manage your security policies, preferences that are applicable to all your agents and accounts. 

3. Who is an Org Admin?

An Org Admin is the user with privileges to manage users, accounts and policies within that organization. At the time of creating the organization, the user who signed up for the product is marked as the Org Admin.

Some highlights about the Org Admins:

  • There can be more than one org admins to manage the users and accounts. 
  • Org Admins can update other user's profile details, configure security policies, import accounts from another organization or change Org URL.
  • An org admin can mark another user in the organization as an Org Admin 
  • An Org Admin can remove org admin role for another admin 

4. What is Org Dashboard?

Org Dashboard is the central organization management application to configure security policies, manage users and accounts. Org Admins will be able to perform any of these operations by accessing the Org dashboard via the Org URL or by clicking on Manage link in the Freshworks Switcher.

5. My accounts are created in different Organizations. How can I make them part of the same Organization?

As part of the feature rollout, we are grouping all your accounts across Freshworks products into one Organization. But, if you find one or more accounts not grouped in your organization, you can always import these accounts by clicking on "Move Existing Accounts" link in the home page of the Org Dashboard.

Once you click on the link, a modal popup will appear with all the instructions on how to import accounts that are part of another Organization. Please follow the instructions carefully as this cannot be undone later.

6. Why am I not able to see my accounts in the Freshworks Switcher?

As part of the Organization feature, you will see only the accounts that are grouped in the same organization.

If you think your accounts are incorrectly configured in different Organizations, please have them all imported into one Organization as described above.

7. Can I change my auto assigned Org URL?

Yes. As explained above, at the time of Signup, we have auto generated an Org URL for your organization based on your signup data and our proprietary domain generation algorithm. 

If you would like to change this to suit your branding or organization guidelines, you can navigate to Org Profile section in the Org Dashboard and click on Change Org Domain link. Once you click on the link, a modal popup will appear with instructions on how to change your org domain. 

Please follow the instructions carefully, this cannot be undone later. 

Also, note that if you have configured Custom SSO in the security section already, you will have to modify the security configuration done at your IdP to reflect the new org url. Unless you do this, your SSO Configuration is not considered complete and won't be able to login to your Freshworks account.

8. Is there any change to my existing product accounts like my freshdesk or freshsales account?

There is no change to any of your existing product accounts. You can continue to use your freshdesk account or freshsales account in the same manner that you have been using until now. 

9. Is there any change in the workflow for my agents when this feature is enabled?

Regular users/agents will continue to use the products as is without any change in the user behaviour. They can continue to access the products using existing product links and if the user is not logged in, they are automatically redirected to the Org URL for authentication. Once they successful login, they will be redirected back to the product account.

10. When will this feature be enabled for my accounts?

We are rolling out this feature for our customers gradually over the next couple of weeks. If you would like to have this enabled immediately, please reach out to support@freshworks.com and we will do it for you!