Welcome to your Freshworks experience! We are glad to help you create accounts across products. Let us get you started!

Begin by signing up for one of the product subscriptions you want. You can do this on the website with the email you want to use for your account. Typically, this is your work email. You can use Gmail authentication too if available.

Here we are looking at a Freshdesk account authenticated with Gmail.

Finish setup and your Freshdesk trial is ready!

You will notice that every instance has a switcher at the corner and clicking it directly leads to the Neo Admin Center.

Read more about the Neo Admin Center here. In addition to unifying security, billing, and account management, the admin experience lets you combine all your accounts. So you will see that you can access other trials from this experience as well.

So let us now create a Freshservice subscription right here to simplify the flow. It is going to take the same name and email as your previous account, although you can customize your service desk's name. You can create other product trials as well, depending on the stack you require. 

Once you click on the 'Start Free Trial' button, your setup will go through, and you can access both accounts from the same switcher.

Note -You may want to share your URL with the sales associate you are in touch with, to complete the next steps.