In this new enterprise software era, a platform is an essential part of a business’s software stack. It provides key technologies that help businesses provide scale, intelligence, and agility for many users.

The Freshworks Neo Platform is a modern, flexible, and intelligent platform that powers our entire suite of products with revolutionary new features and unifies customer, partner, and developer experiences. In other words, it offers a set of services that are leveraged by all the applications in the Freshworks portfolio. The Neo Admin Center is one such service. 

Neo Admin Center 

It is a centralized console offering customizable security and administration solutions across the Freshworks products. With Neo Admin Center, admins can securely manage their users and accounts more simply, achieve compliance with ease, and scale seamlessly. It comprises authentication and authorization solutions, various security controls to customize, and simplified user and account management capabilities. 

Note: Central to the Neo Admin Center is our concept of an Organization

Here is a look at how the home page of your Neo Admin Center will look like:

Neo Admin Center Home Page

  1. Neo Admin Center (Home): Access all your accounts in one place. Subscribe to any Freshworks product with ease and avoid the hassle of moving your accounts from other Organizations.

  2. Users: View your users' profiles and the accounts they are mapped to as users. Admins can also update a user's security details like disable 2FA or change the password when required. In FW CRM, admins can define the user's role within the organization. 

  3. My Subscriptions: In FW CRM, organization admins can centrally manage their invoices, billing details, and subscription updates

  4. Security: Configure the authorization and authentication policies for all your users in your organization. 

  5. Organization: Update your organization's details like organization URL, logo, icon, name, and more. 

  6. Audit Logs: Get to know who did what activity and when. Keep a tab on all your users' activities.