You can set up your bot with Freddy Self-service to take care of the most repetitive questions from your customers. However, your customers might require the helping hand of your agents to resolve some specific requests. You can set up your bot to handover such conversations to your agents on Freshchat .

You can either deploy your bots on the Freshchat widget or you can make use of the native Freddy Self-service widget to assign chats to your Freshchat agents. Learn more about the differences between the two. In this article, we will look at using the native Freddy Self-service widget to deploy your bots and assigning specific conversations to your Freshchat agents.

Setting up the integration on your Freddy Self-service account

  • Login to your Freddy Self-service account as an Admin or Owner > Settings > Channels and integrations > Freshchat > Bot widget + Live Agent Assist from the dropdown > New integration.

  • Once you select this, you will see the following options that you will need to set up.

  • From the dropdown, select the bot that you wish to integrate.

  • The App ID is used to integrate your Freshchat account with this bot. To find your App ID, login to your Freshchat account > navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Integration settings > and copy the app ID.

  • You can choose to show a message once the agent resolves the conversation on Freshchat . To show such a message, fill in the resolve chat message field.

  • The customer meta field is used to pass information about your customers to Freshchat . Any context that the bot is collecting over the course of the conversation can be passed as properties to Freshchat that can, in turn, dictate assignment rules and people segmentation. User properties in Freshchat are what we refer to as customer meta labels in Freddy Self-service. Here, you can fill with template variables or with static values, and that will be used to update the user properties.

    "custom property name 1": "custom property value 1",
    "custom property name 2": "custom property value 2"

  • From the region URL dropdown, pick the data center of your Freshchat account. If you're unsure about your data center, please write to

  • The node group intent identifies the bot flow that has to be triggered when your Freshchat agent resolves a conversation, and the customer is redirected to the bot flow. For example, you can set this flow to be a feedback flow to get an understanding of how useful the conversation was.

  • To set up the node group intent, first, fill in a name in the node group intent field. Navigate to your profile icon (top right) > (1) Switch to classic experience > Identify the bot and the version where you have the flow set up > (2) Details > (3) View/Edit > enter the value for (4) node group intent and make sure this matches what you entered in the Freshchat integration page under node group intent field > (5) Save. Remember to switch back to mint experience on the top right to continue setting up the other options.

You can find your account's DC from the URL


  • Once this is done, your bot has been integrated with Freshchat . Navigate to the bot in which you'd like to transfer the conversation to the agent > Action type > Assign to agent

  • If you've set up the node group intent to a flow, your customer will be taken to that flow once the agent has resolved the conversation on Freshchat . Any edits you make to this flow, will be visible to your customers once their conversations are resolved by customers and then are transferred back to the Freddy Self-service bot.

    In order to make the customer experience more seamless, you can choose to add a feedback message in this flow, or have a quick menu set up with an option to start again.