Single Sign-On (SSO) is a system that lets users securely authenticate multiple cloud applications by logging in only once in a managed authentication system. To know more, click here

This article will guide you on how to implement SSO for the Freshworks suite of products.

How to configure SSO 

  1. Log in using your organization URL. It should look something like this: or

    Note: You can access the Neo Admin Center by opening the Freshworks Switcher and clicking on your organization link.

  2. Click on the ‘Security’ icon in the left sidebar. 

  3. Under Security > Agents & Employees > Default Login Methods, you can enable SSO to simplify your users' login experience. They can use the existing login information managed by Identity Providers (IdP) like ADFS, OneLogin, Okta, Azure AD, and others to login to their Freshworks accounts. 

    Note: Default login methods are applicable for all users in the organization, including admins/agents. If you want to create specific policies for a particular account or portal, configure it under Custom PoliciesFor contacts, configure any security policies Security > Contacts.

Default Login Methods 

Freshworks Login, Google Login, SSO Login under Default Login Methods

We have provided a detailed guide for configuring single sign-on settings for each of the protocols below: