Org Admins can navigate to the Organization Dashboard either by navigating to the Org URL <> or by clicking on the Manage link in the Freshworks Switcher. 

Let us quickly take you through the different icons that you’ll see on your home page and tell you what they will help you do.


When you log in using your Organization URL (e.g., this is the page that you’ll see. From your dashboard, you can easily access any of your Freshworks accounts (You can click on ‘Move existing account’ to move an account to the Organization if they are not already part of it). You can also edit your user profile by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ button. 

As an ‘Org Admin’, you have the additional capability to see the list of requests sent to you for approval to move an account from your Organization and list of requests sent by you for approval to move an account to your Organization. 


Here, An Org Admin can get a view of all the users who are part of the Organization. One can add, edit, and manage users


Under this section, Org Admins can manage various security policies for the accounts in their organization. You can opt to choose the Default security policy that comprises of Freshworks login managed by a password policy or/and Google Login or/and SSO login that will be applicable to all admins/agents logging into the accounts of the Organization. You can also create multiple custom policies to configure SSO for contacts or to cater to agents in a specific portal or account.  


Here, Org Admins can customize the details of your Organization to suit your brand flavor—change Organization URL, add your brand logo and icon, update Organization name, and address. 

Audit Logs

This section will give an Org Admin visibility into all important activities performed by the users of your Organization. You can add filters to narrow down the search and get the information you are looking for. 

Freshworks Switcher

The Freshworks Switcher is an embedded widget that is placed in the sidebar of each of our products. It is a hub that lists all the accounts that are part of the same Organization. It offers a convenient way to switch between accounts across our products or log out. The Org Admin can also sign up for a new product in our suite right away from the Freshworks Switcher.

Note: The Dashboard gives an Agent a snapshot that comprises the following: 

  • Your profile, 
  • A list of all the product accounts you have signed up with Freshworks
  • In case, you don't find some of your accounts, an option to move existing accounts to the Organization.  

If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to with your queries. We're more than happy to help.