In this article, we will briefly explain how Single Sign-On works in the context of Freshworks suite of products, protocols supported by our implementation and how you can configure the single sign-on settings for various protocols.

To learn more about Single Sign-on in general, you can refer to this article below

Accessing Single Sign-On Settings

  • Navigate to your Organization Dashboard and click on the Security section in the side bar. 
    Please note that this option is only available to the Org Admins
    Note: You can access the Organization Dashboard by opening the Freshworks Switcher and clicking on your organization link.
  • In the available choices, turn on Single Sign-On option and choose the protocol you are interested in configuring

Supported Protocols

As of today, Freshworks supports the following protocols to exchange user identity information securely between Identity Provider and Service Provider. We have provided a detailed guide for configuring Single Sign-On settings for each of these protocols here.