You can use Single sign-on (SSO) to log into your Freshworks account via existing SAML-enabled ID providers, such as Active Directory, OneLogin, Okta, etc. 

To learn more about SSO, refer to these articles below.

Here's how you configure SAML SSO for Freshworks using OneLogin:

  1. Login to your Freshworks account as an administrator. Simultaneously, login to your OneLogin Admin Dashboard. 

  2. [OneLogin portal] Click on Applications -> Add App -> Search for Freshworks



  1. [OneLogin portal] Choose Freshworks SAML 2.0 app and click on the 'Save' button.

  2. From Freshworks' Dashboard, you will be presented with the ACS URL and Entity ID. Copy the values and enter the values in the relevant fields in the OneLogin portal.

  1. [OneLogin portal] Once you configure Freshworks as an SP, you will be given values for the following entries in the Onlogin Dashboard. 

    1. Entity ID (or Metadata ID)

    2. SAML SSO URL (or Login URL)

    3. Security Certificate (or x.509 certificate)


  1. [OneLogin portal] Download the SHA-256 FingerPrint certificate.

  2. [Freshworks portal] Copy and paste in relevant fields in the Freshworks dashboard and click on save. 

Done! You have configured SAML 2.0 for Freshworks using OneLogin.

Note: In SAML, RelayState is an optional parameter that you can use to communicate to your Identity Provider where your users should be redirected after signing in with SSO. When you configure the RelayState field in your Identity Provider with a valid Freshworks Product URL (like or, the user will be redirected to this URL after successful login from IdP. In case of an invalid URL, the user will be redirected to the Org Dashboard. Please note that the RelayState will take precedence only when the login action is directly initiated from the identity provider dashboard.

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