OAuth 2.0 authentication

OAuth 2.0 is an authorisation framework for third-party applications. On behalf of a resource owner, third-party applications use OAuth 2.0 to get limited access to an HTTP service. The framework also enables an approval interaction of the resource owner with HTTP service. In addition, OAuth 2.0 supports direct access to the HTTP services by the third-party application.

A quick guide to configuring OAuth2 authentication:

  • Log into your Freshworks account as an Administrator

  • Go to Admin > Security

  • Toggle ‘SSO’ ON and choose SAML SSO

  • Enter the following details:

    • Client ID

    • Client secret

    • Authorization URL (to redirect to the login page of IdP, if not already logged in)

    • Access token URL (to get the user access token)

    • Logout URL (optional - user will be redirected to this page on logout)

    • User info URL (to get the user information based on the access token obtained by invoking the access token URL)

  • Click on Save 

  • Use the Redirect URL provided by Freshworks, in your Identity provider configuration