Every time a user logs in to a Freshworks account on a device, a "session" is created. If you’ve logged into your account using different browsers or devices, each will be considered as a different session.

Session Timeout is a feature that allows the organization admin to set a "time to expire" for all open sessions of a user. Once the set timeout duration is over, the user session is terminated irrespective of the user being active/inactive. Timeout duration is calculated from the most recent login of a user.

Setting session timeout helps manage security and allows you to monitor when the users of your organization login and start their job daily/weekly in a better way.

  1. Navigate to the Neo Admin Center.

  2. On the left nav bar, click on Security.

  3. Click on Idle Session Timeout, and you will be redirected to the page where you can set the limit.

Note: An organization admin can set the session time to expire from 8 hours to 30 days.  

If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to support@freshworks.com with your queries. We're more than happy to help.