About Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication is a login method that creates an experience that is seamless for the users and secure for the admins. The method works by sending a magic link to the mailbox and enabling access to the Freshworks account with a single click.

Here’s all the benefits you can enjoy with passwordless authentication:

  • Delightful user experience with a single click

  • Easy onboarding for new users

  • Lesser risk of security attacks like phishing, keyboard logging or even brute-force based security threats

  • Ease of access anywhere, on any device

This article will guide you on how to implement Passwordless login for the Freshworks suite of products. 

How to configure Passwordless login?

  1. Log in using your organization URL (It should look something like this: yourcompany.freshworks.com or yourcompany.myfreshworks.com)

Note: You can access the Neo Admin Center by opening the Freshworks Switcher and clicking on your organization link.

  1. Click on the ‘Security’ icon in the left sidebar.

  1. Under Security > Agents & Employees > Default Login Methods, you can enable Passwordless to secure your users' login experience.

Note: Default login methods are applicable for all users in the organization, including admins/agents. If you want to create specific policies for a particular account or portal, you can configure it under Custom Policies. For contacts, Passwordless login option isn’t offered.

Things to remember:

  1. Each magic link is unique

  2. Each magic link is a one time use with a validity of 15 minutes

  3. We expect the user to not share their inbox with others to protect their identity

If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to support@freshworks.com with your queries. We're more than happy to help!