Filtering and navigation through data is easier than ever with quick filters for widgets. You can now filter the data for any widget(s) in the report with just a single click regardless of the access permission assigned to your role.

How to create quick filters for widgets?

To convert a filter to a quick filter, user can

  • Go to the Widget filters and select the square icon on the right (it will turn blue once selected)


  • Go to the Group by selection and click the square icon on the right (it will turn blue once selected)

What can be done using quick filters?

With quick filters, users can 

  • Look at different slices and dices of data even with view or edit access 

  • Filter easily with a single click

  • View permutations and combinations of data views with upto 3 filters 

Things to be noted

  • Quick filters can be added only by users with "Edit" access

  • The quick filter view will not be saved in the report view

  • When multiple filter criteria are enabled for filtration, user has to select one or more values


Operators which are supported

  1. is

  2. is not

  3. on

  4. includes

  5. does not include

  6. between

  7. before

  8. after

  9. since 


Attribute data types that are supported

  1. String

  2. Date

  3. Boolean

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