Note: The new Security UI will be enabled by default on 30 Nov 2020. You can try our new features and redesigned UI in advance by clicking on the link present in the banner at the top of the Security section. 


With our new and improved UI, you can 

  • easily setup SSO with the help of in-product configuration guides for popular identity providers

  • configure up to 99 SSOs  for a single organization

  • customize advanced SAMLoptions like for single logout, encrypted assertions, and more 

  • download SAML metadata and configure it in third party IdPs with one click (wherever supported)

  • customize the “Sign in with SSO” button label on the login page

  • define custom policy in just three steps

  • configure up to 99 custom policies and customize logo on each of the custom login URL

The new security settings UI is a complete redesign based on all the customer feedback we had received. We’ve made it easier for you to configure and manage your security and authorization policies for accounts in your organization. 

Security policy for Contacts

We have brought in a separate tab to define various login methods through which your contacts can log in. 

One policy for all

Under Security > Default Login Methods, you can choose between Freshworks Login, Google Login, and Single sign-on via any identity provider of your choice. The default policy will drive the entire authentication layer for all your accounts in the organization. 

Apply password policy

After choosing your password policy (either configuring your custom policy or choosing one of the preset levels), you can choose when to apply the policy. You can either apply it immediately, the next time the user logs in, or the next time the user decides to change the password. 

SSO configuration made easy

Our new and improved UI is intuitive and has helpful configuration guides for some of the popular identity providers. That's not it. We have many advanced enterprise-grade controls that you can customize like single logout, encrypted assertions, and more. You have an option to rename the SSO name and button label, making it easy to manage multiple configurations you might have setup. 

Custom policies for your unique needs

You can define authentication controls for specific accounts and portals in just three steps to cater to your specific security needs. We now support up to 99 configurations.   

Go ahead, and try it out! We value your feedback. So if you have something to share, please write to us at