If your company has signed up for multiple Freshworks products, your Freshdesk account can be administered through a centralized Freshworks Organization account in the Freshworks Neo Admin Center. Neo Admin Center currently comprises three things: Organization, Centralized Security settings, and Audit Logs to make your Freshworks products more secure and easier to manage. It is a central location where you can access, configure, and manage all your Freshworks' product accounts, security settings, and also view audit logs. 

The concept of an Organization is central to our platform approach to managing the Freshworks suite of products. The login URL for your Freshworks Organization will look like this: yourcompany.freshworks.com

Read on to learn how to migrate your Freshdesk to a more powerful, secure, and easy way of managing your accounts.

What can you do with Freshworks Neo Admin Center?

Freshworks Organization: 

  • Manage user profiles across multiple Freshdesk accounts or other Freshworks products in one convenient dashboard
  • Allow users to navigate between Freshworks accounts and products using Switcher. 

Security Settings:

  • Configure an advanced and centralized password policy: Freshworks Organization, along with Freshworks Neo Admin Center, leverages Automatic SPAM/bot detection while users are logging in, to prevent brute force attacks or bot-based logins via Google Recaptcha
  • Configure secure SSO using OAuth2 / OIDC / SAML / JWT
  • Allow TOTP-based two-factor authentication to prevent stolen password attacks.

Audit logs:

  • View all audit logs related to security settings modifications.

Note: An Organization Account can be managed by more than one Organization Admin. 

Click here to learn more about the Freshworks Neo Admin Center.

How to access Your Freshworks Neo Admin Center Dashboard

The Organization Dashboard is the central point of management for your Organization Account. As an Organization Admin, you can access the Organization Dashboard to configure security policies, administer user accounts and details, and review billing cycles. 

To access the Organization Dashboard: 

  1. Click on the Freshworks Switcher icon at the bottom of the left-pane. A pop-up window appears from the right. 
  2. Click your Organization URL  under Manage your organization. This opens the Organization Dashboard page in a new tab.

Your Freshworks Neo Admin Center Dashboard

How to move existing accounts

All your accounts created across Freshworks products will be mapped and grouped under one Organization Account. But, if you can’t find one of your accounts in the Organization account, you can always import them by clicking Move existing account on the Home page. 

Transfer accounts to your organization

How to set-up Your Admin Center Profile 

During sign-up, you are assigned a URL for your Organization Account based on your sign-up data. You can modify this to suit your branding or organization guidelines on the Organization Profile page. When you click Change Organization URL, a modal popup will appear with instructions on how to change your organization domain. This is also where you can customize your Organization’s favicon, logo, and add your official name and address.

Setting up your Unified Login

Login screen to access your Neo Admin Center account

  • You can display your organization’s logo on the unified login page.
  • The current login URL domain.Freshdesk.com will be replaced by organization.myfreshworks.com.
  • All activation emails and password reset emails will be triggered by the Freshworks Organization, and hence they will be sent from support@freshworks.com
  • The customization of the forgot password email under Email Notifications will not be available anymore. Instead, a standard email will be sent from Freshworks.

How to set-up your security settings
You can configure how agents and admins log into your Freshdesk Account on the Security page. This way, users logged in to your Freshdesk account will use the same security methods set up for your Freshworks Organization account. 

To access security settings: 

  1. Sign in to your Freshdesk account. 
  2. Click on the Admin Settings icon. 
  3. Click Security under Account. 
  4. Click on the link - Configure Freshworks SSO. This opens the Security page in a new tab. 

Freshworks 360 Security

The Security page is also where you can choose multiple methods of authentication (Freshworks Login, Google, or Custom SSO). If you choose SSO, you can enable login through options such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and JSON Web Token

Configure SSO under Default Login Method

Choose the login protocol and identity provider of your choice

Settings for Freshdesk Agents: 

  • Configure all agent password policies and SSO configurations like Google / OAuth2 / SAML / JWT based Custom SSO in the Neo Admin Center dashboard, under Organization.
  • Configure your custom password policy if you choose to enable password-based login, 
  • Contact your Organization Admin if as a Freshdesk Administrator you do not have Organizational Admin privileges.

Settings for Freshdesk Contacts:

  • If your contacts will be using a password/Google/Facebook/Twitter login, you can set that up on the portal settings page. 
  • Set up a password policy for your contacts on the Freshdesk Security page
  • SSO configurations like Google / OAuth2 / SAML / JWT based Custom SSO can be configured by Organization Admins in the Organization dashboard by creating a custom policy and choosing the user type as “Contacts”.
  • An admin cannot reset passwords for agents in Freshdesk. Agents can reset their own passwords.

Editing an Agent Profile Using the Web Portal

All your users in one central location

  • Freshdesk Admins will not be able to edit the following agent profile attributes from Freshdesk: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Work Phone number, and Mobile Phone number. They can set values for these attributes only during agent creation.
  • Successive edits to these attributes can only be performed by an organization admin on the Freshworks Neo Admin Center dashboard.

Note: Only the primary email addresses of the agent profiles will be synced with the Organization Profile.

How to Delete and Forget a User

If a user has a profile only in Freshdesk, deleting the user from Freshdesk will remove them from Freshworks Organization. If the user accesses multiple products, they will have to be deleted from the individual products to remove their profile from the Freshworks Organization.