A dialog is the building block of conversational bots. Freddy Self-service enables you to configure Dialogs for the following outcomes:

  • Send a message or collect input from your customer
  • Trigger actions, or
  • Execute logical workflows based on conditions

Every bot flow in Freddy Self-service is made of one or more Dialogs. Flows are a set of dialogs that the bot goes through unless redirected to a different flow or stopped, using a conversation break


Adding a new dialog

You can add as many dialogs as required to a single flow. To add a dialog to a flow, click on the flow > click on Add new dialog.

Formatting options

When you're showing a message to your customers, you can add content, and format it as required. To format text, you can highlight the text,  and you'll see formatting options.

Adding variants

You can teach the bot different variants of the same question so that customers are greeted with a different set of messages for the same scenario. The bot will choose from these variants while interacting with the customer and make the conversation lively and interesting for customers. 

Using placeholders

The + symbol allows you to use placeholder text in conversations. There are different placeholders you can choose from.

Adding images to the message

You can also display images as a part of the conversational flow by choosing Image from the Message | Type dropdown. You will need to enter the image URL and the image description. The URL of the image can be static or can be a value returned from an API response.

Getting input from your customer

If you want to collect input from your customer (the end-user), you need to toggle the Define user input, and choose an appropriate input option from the Select input type dropdown. Each input option has specific field properties associated with it. You can read more about input types here.

Private dialogs

Sometimes, you might want to use a dialog for internal reference, where the customer need not see the dialog. In such cases, you can mark the dialog as private by toggling the Private dialog. These will not be visible to the customer (the end-user).

You can also differentiate between regular dialogs and private dialogs in the bot builder as they will have a tag marking them private.

Removing dialogs

When you no longer require a dialog to be present in your bot flow, you can delete it or mark it as inactive.

  • When you mark a dialog as inactive, it will still be available to edit or enable in the future if you want to do so.
  • When you delete a dialog, it is a permanent change and can not be undone.

Please write to freshbots-support@freshworks.com if you have any more questions. We'll be happy to help you.