This feature is used to navigate to a specific dialog/conversation or to go a step back in the customer bot conversation. It can be accessed by clicking the three-dotted button in the top right corner in the bot builder Holistic View page. 

The predefined navigation can be used to navigate to the previous dialog in which input was obtained from the customer. This is called a  'previous/go back' button. This will have to be enabled in the old builder as it hasn't been released in the new version yet.

Adding a new Predefined Navigation

Click the plus icon to add new predefined navigation. You can have multiple predefined buttons. Provide a name for the custom navigation and the destination dialog from the dropdown menu. 

There are three types available to display the created predefined navigation and they are:

  • Predefined Buttons: Choose this if the predefined navigation is to be shown as a button in the dialog flow. After defining the predefined navigation, these buttons can be enabled at any dialog as required. Also, select the 'enable for all dialogues' button if this predefined navigation is to be displayed across all the dialogs in the bot flow.

  • Widget Menu: Choose this to enable the predefined navigation on the widget menu in the widget header.

  • Slash “/” Command: Choose this to enable the predefined navigation to be accepted as a “/” command in the input box.

Adding a Go Back/Previous

  • Go to your bot -->Details --> Go to the node/dialogue within the node group by clicking the view/edit button

  • Then click the same view/edit button as shown below:

  • You will find a shortcut box in the View/Edit Node page. Edit the name of the button is needed and click the Enable button to enable the predefined Go Back.