A lot of efforts go into coming up with a company’s brand design. It’s only natural that the support provided by the company reflects the same brand. The bot builder allows you to change the bot widget’s settings to be in sync with your company’s branding. 

You can:

  • Choose a colour for the widget by selecting a colour (from the grid) or entering the Hex value of the required colour and preview the change

  • Give your bot a name and a brand message under 'Title and Sub-title'

  • Based on your colour and font preferences the best-suited background can be chosen from the Background option.

  • Add your company’s logo to the bot widget with the Avatar option

  • Apply Custom CSS - This opens up a code editor where the required widget changes can be done. This includes and is not limited to changing the font type, font size, editing the header and footer elements, etc.

 Click Save once you’re done.

Position and Behavior: 

  • Style and Position: Define the placement, and size of the widget based on your page’s design.

  • Set Widget Notifications: Customers looking for support may not be on the same page/tab all the time. The bot builder allows for browser notifications to inform your customers whenever there’s a response/update.