Organization enables centralised management over all your users and accounts. Having accounts in the same Organization helps the admin and agents to do the following:

  • Switch between accounts from the Freshworks switcher
  • SSO functionality for all Freshworks products as part of the Organisation. A user will be able to access all their accounts, part of an Organization once they log in. Admins can configure custom login methods like Google login, SAML based SSO (Okta/OneLogin), Oauth 2.0 based SSO, OIDC based SSO for their Organization¬†
  • Manage the billing and subscription of all accounts within an Organisation in a single place. They can generate a single invoice for multiple accounts/products of Freshworks.
  • Manage user access across their Organisation's Freshworks accounts from one single place
  • Manage security and password policies for all accounts at an Organization level

1. How do I import an account to my Organization?

In the home page of the Org Dashboard, you will find a link to import accounts from another Organization. Once you click on the link, a modal popup will appear with all the instructions on how to import accounts that are part of another Organization. Please follow the instructions carefully as this cannot be undone later.

2. What happens when I request to import an account from another Organization?

An approval email is sent to the Organization admin of the account you have requested to import. Once he/she approves this movement of account across Organization, the account will be successfully moved to your Organization.

3. What are the impacts after I move an account to my Organisation?

Once the account is merged into an Organisation, it cannot be reversed. Agents who are already part of the Parent Organization, will be activated by default and their password/login method for the parent Organization will also apply to the newly migrated account. Agents who are new to the Organization will be sent an activation mail, to set their password. At the time of migration, the agents who are not part of parent Organization will be logged out. 

4. Why should I move an account to an Organization?

  • To integrate all your Freshworks accounts and seamlessly¬†switch between them using the Freshworks switcher

  • To use a single authentication method for logging into all Freshworks accounts

  • To unify user management and billing

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