Freshworks is now equipped with a self-serve billing portal inside the Neo Admin Centre. Admins can now increase seat counts for their subscriptions or purchase additional features all by themselves with just a few clicks, without the assistance of a customer support representative

Availability: Early access can be enabled for select customers using Freshsales

Easy to configure navigation: Freshsales Admin Billing Settings → Plans and Billing




Q. How do I know if I am eligible to perform self-serve transactions for my Freshsales subscription?

We have enabled early access for only a few select customers. So, if your admin has received an email from "Team Freshworks" or your CSM (Customer Success Manager)/ TAM (Technical Account Manager) regarding this new feature, you would have access. 

In case you haven’t received the email and would like this to be enabled for your Freshsales account, kindly reach out to your CSM/TAM or Freshworks POC.

Q. When and how do I need to pay for my invoices?

You can continue paying for your invoices as per your current payment schedule and mode of payment.

Q. What is the maximum transaction limit up to which I can transact on the Freshsales billing portal?

You may transact up to USD 5000 or equivalent (based on your subscription currency) for each transaction.

Q. What happens if I miss paying my invoices by the due date?

You will no longer be able to perform transactions in a self-serve manner until the overdue invoices are cleared.

Q. Where can I check my invoices?

Invoice(s) can be accessed anytime on the billing portal. In addition, a copy of the invoice would also be sent on the billing email ID.

Q. Who can I reach out to if I am facing issues and need additional information or support?

Please reach out to if you are facing issues or if you require additional support.