Here are a few things you need to know when you move an account to an Organization:

  • Once the account is merged into an Organisation, it cannot be reversed.
  • All the users of that account will automatically become users of this Organisation, irrespective of whether they are already part of this Organisation or not. 
  • Agents who are already part of the Organization will be activated by default and their password/login method for the Organization will also apply to the newly migrated account. 
  • Agents who are new to the Organization will be sent an activation mail, to set their password. 
  • At the time of migration, the agents who are not part of the Organization will be logged out. 
  • All subsequent logins to the account will be redirected through this Organisation. Security policies including password policies, custom SSO and other login methods of this Organisation will be applied henceforth.
  • Account-level configurations will remain unchanged which includes agent access, groups, subscription, and plan among others. One can continue to use their account in the same manner that they have been using until now, except for the login part.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to with your queries. We're more than happy to help.