Multiselect allows your customers to select more than one option as applicable while conversing with your bot. Restricting customers to a single select radio button might not work out for some use-cases. 

A few example use-cases: 

  • For retail businesses: the customer can have questions or issues with multiple items in an order or choose to request a refund for various orders they’d placed earlier.

  • For travel agencies: your customers can choose to have multiple items done in one conversation, such as pre-book their meals, upgrade their seats, and opt for priority check-in for their flight.

  • For banks: customers can choose to apply for a debit card, credit card, and checkbook at one go.

Multiselect is available for the following input types:

  • Carousel
  • Drop-down
  • Button

A quick guide to enabling Multiselect:

  • Log in to your bot builder account as an Admin/Owner and Select the bot you want to edit from the bot list page

  • Choose the required dialog, and create a new message, or edit an existing one. Click on +Get Response as you need your customers to pick their choices. If you pick any of the input options that support Multiselect (carousel, drop-down, or button), you will see the Multiselect checkbox.

  • Click the checkbox to enable your customers to select multiple choices. When enabled for a dialog, you can also configure conditional flows under the Conditions tab — based on the values selected.


Our example is a typical support use-case, where Multiselect has been enabled for the Button input type.

Please write to if you have any more questions; we’ll be happy to help you.