Using conditions, you can interlink dialogs based on a set of rules or logic to solve for your use-case in the bot builder. The Conditions tab under a dialog’s setting allows you to do this and more. You can set up multiple conditions for one dialog to connect to another at any point in the flow and set up redirection based on customer input. 

With the ability to set up If-else conditions and AND - OR operators in the conditional flow extensively, you can tighten your bot flow and tailor it to suit your business requirement.

Note: Dialog placeholders would only be available for dialogs where we are getting an input from the end user.

A quick guide to setting up conditions for a dialog in a chatbot conversation:

  • Login to your chatbot account as an Admin/Owner and Select the bot you want to edit from the bot list page

  • Go to any flow and select the desired dialog

  • Click on the Conditions icon from the dialog

Making use of nested logic with AND-OR and else-if operators

You can use multiple operators that are available with these conditions to create the conditional logic that best suits your bot flow.


Let’s go through this with an example to understand it better. Consider a bot being used by a travel agency to plan holidays. The bot will ask questions about the plans to the customer, such as:

  • Number of guests
  • Preferred locations
  • Choice of activities
  • Duration of vacation

to name a few. Based on these answers, the bot will gather information about the different holiday packages that fit all of these requirements, and present them to the customer

You can set up the bot to start with the Hello flow, collect this information, and then redirect the customers to specific flows that will each have options for different holiday destinations based on your customer’s requirements. In this case, the conditions tab could look like this:


Note: When using text-based inputs in the condition, specify the value in quotes. Eg: "London" or "ABC123"

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