You can restrict support agents and customers who can log in to your support portal to certain IP addresses. Once you enable IP range restriction in your portal, only the users from the IP addresses you specify can log in to your support portal. 

A quick guide to enabling portal access to specific IP addresses

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Click on the Security icon.
  • Use the toggle to enable the IP range restriction.
  • In the IP ranges section, you can enter all the IP address ranges that can log in to your portal in the n.n.n.n format.
  • Click on the Add IP range button to add multiple IP address ranges.
  • If you want to enter a single IP address, enter the same value in both the start and finish range boxes
  • Please note that your own IP address will be auto-populated as the first IP range. You will not be allowed to save your settings if your current IP address is removed from the list.

To whom do the restrictions apply? 

  • You can either restrict access to the agents or to agents and customers.
  • You can choose 'applies to agents' when you just want to make sure that the agents logging into your helpdesk are from IP addresses known to you. 
  • You can choose 'applies to agents and customers' when you want to make sure that the agents and customers logging into your helpdesk are from IP addresses known to you.
  • In both cases, your customer support login screen will be visible to everyone and based on their login credentials and the IP address from which they are logging in, they will be granted access.
  • Click on Save changes button to restrict access to the IP addresses you have listed.

If you're facing trouble setting this up, you can refer to which has all the basic information about IP addresses. Or you can use your network administrator's help to enable specific IP addresses.

Note: In your account, If you have enabled Marketplace apps and configured webhooks that use Freshdesk API end points, ensure that you add the IPs listed here for the app to function seamlessly.