Currently, apps are built for a single product and are installed within the scope of one product. Product suites like Freshsales suite, and Omnichannel require multiple app galleries — one for each of the underlying products. When customers change subscriptions (say, moving from Freshchat to Sales suite), they have to install multiple apps for the same use-case . Developers also have to write and maintain multiple apps - one per underlying product.

How can customers get started?

Apps are listed in the Marketplace and rendered in various placeholders based on the modules available to the customers based on their subscriptions. Customers will install only once for an app that works across the entire suite.

Global Apps are already live on the Marketplace gallery and can be viewed by checking the app details, which will show the products for which they are live.

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How can developers get started? 

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Developers will build apps against a new platform version 3.0 (Current platform version = 2.3). They will need to build a “Freshworks app” and associate the app with "modules" and not products. Declare the modules the app would require to function. 

Developers will be able to use any number of modules in their app. They will not have to rewrite the app when newer SKUs or products are introduced with existing modules.