Audit logs are records of events you would want to track in your workflow. They help internal/ external compliance audit cycles and identify discrepancies if any. 

This support article helps you understand the Billing Audit log's uses and navigation.

Here is how you can access the billing audit log: 

From the switcher, click on Audit logs within the Neo Admin Center widget of options. 

Choose the Billing Tab within Audit Logs.

Here, you can see an account of who performed what action and for which account, with additional information on the billing function, performed as well.

Applying filters 

Since there is a lot of information on this page, you can choose to filter based on the user, the date range and the action performed.

To apply filters, 


  • Head to Audit Log and click on the funnel icon in the top right corner. 

  • Choose the Date range for which you wish to view the audit 

  • Choose the User whose action you want to look for

  • Choose the Action you want to filter 

  • Once done, click Apply. 

The billing audit log keeps track of the following changes to your subscription:

  • Subscription Created

  • Subscription Activated

  • Subscription Cancelled

  • Addon Removed

  • Addon Purchased

  • Addon Decreased

  • Licence Upgraded

  • Licence Downgraded

  • Billing Term Increased

  • Scheduled Changes Removed

  • Billing Term Decreased

  • Plan Update Scheduled

  • Licence Upgrade Scheduled

  • Licence Downgrade Scheduled

  • Addon Removal Scheduled

  • Addon Purchase Scheduled

  • Addon Decrease Scheduled

  • Billing Term Increase Scheduled

  • Billing Term Decrease Scheduled

  • Shipping Address Added

  • Shipping Address Updated

  • Subscription Cancellation Scheduled

  • Subscription Scheduled Cancellation Removed

  • Coupon Added

  • Coupon Removed

  • Billing Address Added

  • Billing Address Updated

  • Card Updated

  • Card Added

  • Card Deleted

  • Addons Added

  • Plan Updated

  • Currency Updated

  • Subscription Changes Scheduled

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