Large CX teams are distributed and have separate tools or tedious manual processes for quality checking. Now that smaller teams are also going remote, ensuring consistent quality is challenging.

Quality scores are important in determining support quality and driving customer satisfaction.

Quality Coach is a customer service quality assurance feature on Freshdesk that provides a seamless and integrated experience to review and improve the quality of agent interactions and identify skill gaps⁠. It helps reduce the evaluation effort of coaches and improve customer experience. 

How is this feature beneficial?

  • To improve the quality of agents by sharing specific feedbacks
  • To identify skill gaps by comparing and reviewing responses
  • To upskill agents by coaching them regularly 
  • To improve customer experience by standardizing the quality of responses
  • To onboard agents faster
  • To reduce manpower and manual work 
  • To avoid depending on external tools and switching between various tabs

How can you set this up in Freshdesk?

Once the feature is enabled for your account, you can access it under Admin->Quality Coach.

You will also see a default role called ‘Coach’ under Admin->Roles.

Step 1: 
Go to Admin->Agents->Add new agent or Edit an existing agent->Assign the role ’Coach’ to whichever agent you think should evaluate the tickets

Step 2: Create  Review groups

  • Go to Admin->Quality Coach->Review groups.
  • You can map coaches and agents together in a group and configure how many tickets need to be evaluated
  • Click on New Group and enter a group name
  • For example Delivery status tickets
  • Select a coach and map the agents to the coach
  • Specify goal filters or conditions on what kind of tickets would be assigned to the coach to evaluate.
  • You can select based on type, priority, status, contact, ticket created date, etc. You can also make use of the ‘And/ conditions while defining the filters

Step 3: Create  Scorecards

  • Go to Admin->Quality Coach-> Scorecards
  • You can create and manage scorecards used by Coaches for evaluating agent conversations
  • Click on ‘Create new’ and enter the name of the scorecard.
  • For example Salutation
  • Then add questions based on which the coach should be evaluating the tickets. 
  • For example: “Was there a salutation used?”
  • You can further add a description to every question 
  • You can add multiple questions to the scorecard as per your workflow
  • All the questions in the scorecard will by default have a numerical scale of 0 to 5.
  • Once you have created the scorecards, click on ‘Status’ on the right panel and ‘Publish’ the scorecards.
  • Only published scorecards will be visible during the evaluation process. 

How does a Coach or agent use Quality Coach?

Experience as a coach:

  • After the admin has assigned coach roles to users, mapped coaches and agents, and created the scorecards, a coach will be able to see the ‘Quality’ icon on the sidebar below the tickets icon. 
  • Here the coach will be able to select different views for the tickets -
    • To be reviewed - all the tickets which the coach has to evaluate
    • All reviews - all the tickets which are evaluated
    • Reviewed by me - all the tickets which are evaluated by that coach
    • Reviewed for me - all my tickets are evaluated by other coaches. 
  • In 'To be reviewed', Open a ticket to review.
  • A new section named 'Quality Coach' will be visible in the right pane of the ticket.  Click on the ‘Review conversation’ option to start the evaluation. 
  • Select the scorecard for the current evaluation and rate every question in the scorecard based on the ticket conversation. Additional comments can also be included in every question for better understanding. 
  • The overall scores will automatically be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the scorecard. 
  • Once the evaluation is submitted, the final score is also visible in the right pane under a Quality coach in tickets. 
  • The coach can also edit the review at a later point in time. 

Experience as an agent:

  • An agent (who does not have a coaching role) will also be able to see the ‘Quality’ icon on the sidebar
  • Under the section 'Reviewed for me', the agent can view all the tickets that were reviewed for him by the coach and understand one’s performance
  • Once an agent opens a ticket, he or she can see the score and comments for that particular ticket give by the coach and improve his performance accordingly
  • The agent will not have access to edit the scores

Reports on Quality Management:

  • Once the ‘Quality Coach’ feature is enabled in your account, a new curated report named ‘Quality Score’ will automatically be added to Analytics
  • Some of the metrics included in the report are:
    • Internal quality score - overall score for your agents or groups across a specified time period.
    • Areas of excellence - Top 5 areas or questions across scorecards that are the highest performing across your support organization.
    • Areas of improvement - Bottom 5 areas or questions across scorecards which are the lower performing across your support organization.
    • Agent scores - Agent level scores across a specified time period to drill down better. 
  • You can use numerous filters available in the analytics module, compare and customize your own reports on the quality scores based on your requirements.
    • Example- Filter based on a specific scorecard i.e. Premium customer support scorecard. 


  • The Quality Coach feature is available on the Forest plan only (Freshdesk standalone + Omnichannel)
  • If you have any questions, kindly drop an email to